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Zenith Replica Watches has prepared two exclusive watches that will be sold as a set. Zenith Replica Watches has created two watches which will be sold in a set. One is a timepiece for work, while the other is a watch that can be worn on weekends or during adventures. The two watches in the set have an interesting feature: the crown and pushers on the left side are more suitable for people who are left-handed. Both models feature the El Primero, a famous movement.

Zenith Replica Watches's decision to produce watches for left-handed people is not surprising. Both models are equipped with the lefty feature, namely Zenith Replica Watches El Primero Pilot Chronograph and Zenith Replica Watches El Primero Lefty Captain Chronograph.https://www.trustytimenoob.com

The crown and pushers are located on the left, so there is also some adjustment on the dial. This includes the subdials. These two models have sub-dials for the 30-minutes on the left and the small-seconds on right. Purists who like the classic design may be upset by this feature, but it adds to their uniqueness.

El Primero Movement with Golden and Steel CasesBoth of these watches feature the El Primero Automatic Movement that made Zenith Replica Watches famous around the globe. The Swiss manufacturer developed this movement to be the most precise mechanical movement ever produced in series. Its balance is what determines its accuracy. El Primero is 10 times faster than other movements, which beat at an average of 8 vibrations per seconds. This module is a clear winner when compared with its competitors, as it has an impressive 36.000 vibrations per hour.

Zenith Replica Watches's two watches have different materials for their cases, which reflects the original purpose of each. Captain Chronograph is a piece with an 18-kt rose gold case that will impress clients and colleagues of its future wearer. The Pilot Chronograph watch, on the contrary (Oris Replica Watches), has a steel case and is suitable for weekend and leisure activities. Both watches have 42 mm diameters. The Pilot version has a telemeter dial around the dial.