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Roger Dubuis Replica Watches

Roger Dubuis Replica Watches from Neuchatel pays homage to the 1961 Nautical Watch by creating a limited edition DLC. This Roger Dubuis Replica Watches timepiece is one of the first diving watch with a real-time alarm that can be heard underwater. This striking timepiece alerts divers to the need to surface by using its triple case back which acts as a resonance chamber.

The new diving watches feature the DLC coating (Roger Dubuis Replica Watches). This high-quality coating has a charcoal grey color and a low coefficient of friction. It is composed of a lattice of two types of carbon, diamond and graphite. Diamondblack(tm), DLC is made up of only carbon and hydrogen molecules, arranged in a diamond-like structure. This produces a layer that has perfect chemical stability as well as high corrosion resistance. This high-tech product is applied using a process that looks similar to the original surface finish. Diamondblack(Tudor Replica), DLC is skin-friendly, as it does not cause allergies. It has a very high hardness of approximately 5,000 Vickers. Stainless steel, for example, has around 200 Vickers.

The Roger Dubuis Replica Watches has a 42mm diameter and a thickness of 17.3mm. The DLC-coated satin brushed case is complemented by a black, knurled bezel. Water resistance is guaranteed down to an amazing 300 meters.

The triple case back of the watch acts as a resonance chamber, allowing underwater alarm use. The alarm lasts approximately 20 seconds.

The Roger Dubuis Replica Watches Cricket Manufacture Caliber V-10 is the heart of the watch and provides all the functions you would expect, including hours, minutes, central second, alarm, etc. The manual-wound movement is made up of 157 parts and can store enough power to keep the watch ticking. The 25 jewels in the movement are built to oscillate at a frequency of 18,000 beats an hour.