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Chopard Replica Watches, a company based in Neuchatel, decided to release a limited-edition of watches that will recreate the most significant piece of history for the brand. The New Nautical Seventies Limited Edition Timekeeper (made in only 300 copies) recreates a product that was first introduced over 40 years ago: the first watch to have an alarm loud enough to be audible underwater. The mechanical timepiece is designed for divers, just like other Chopard Replica Watches nautical pieces. It's water-resistant to 300 meters. The commemorative item is made to look like the diving watches from the 1970s and has many of their features. It also includes some of the technological advances that have become standard over time.

The First Wristwatch With an Alarm at its CoreThe limited edition timekeepers from Chopard Replica Watches are based on a second version of this innovative product. Chopard Replica Watches first introduced its Cricket Nautical timepiece in 1961. It was the first time a watch could provide audible signals to the diver. It was not only able to dive to a depth of 300 meters but also included an alarm that would signal when it was time to return to the surface and when to stop decompression. Divers are well aware that these breaks, due to pressure changes, are essential. The Chopard Replica Watches Cricket Nautical Watch was inspired by the brand's greatest horological achievement - the first wristwatch to have an alarm function, which was presented in 1947.

To adapt the watch to the needs of divers, the technicians at the brand decided to collaborate with three experts: Arhut Droz from the French official marine research center C.I.A.S. Max-Yves Brandy, a film director and explorer who is also a diver, and Hannes Keller, a mathematician and diver were chosen to collaborate with the brand's technicians in order to adapt this innovative watch for divers. The iconic Cricket Nautical clock was born. The watch was redesigned in 1970 with a new dial. This is the version the Swiss manufacturer chose to relaunch.

Manufacturing Cricket V-10 Caliber. The new edition recreates many of the features to make it as similar to the original as possible. This includes the famous hand-wound Cricket V-10 Caliber, which can have an alarm activated that is loud enough to hear under water for up to 20 seconds. The hand-wound 12 lignes caliber has 157 components, 25 jewels and a diameter of 12 lines. Cricket V-10 has a frequency of 18000 vph, and twin barrels. The first barrel is for the timekeeping function (Omega Replica Watches), while the second was needed to power the alarm. Exactomatic is a modern feature of the manufacture movement that ensures increased precision. The caliber is decorated with blued screws and a nickel coating. The rotating inner bezel is activated by the pusher at 4 o'clock. The new Chopard Replica Watches limited edition has the exact same dimensions as its iconic watch. The Nautical Seventies Limited Edition is housed in a round 316L stainless steel housing that measures 42 mm wide and 17.6 mm thick. The triple caseback is designed to allow the alarm to ring in deep water. The glass is made from hesalite and the wristlet, which is black and orange in color, is water-repellent leather with a steel buckle.