50 YEAR EXPERIENCE Since the 1960's, our companies have successfully completed private and official projects in Istanbul and in various parts of Turkey. Hospitals, dispensaries, headquarters of institutions such as S.S.K.(Social Insurance Institution) and D.M.O. (State Supply Office) could be listed among the official works. Apart from these, a number of residential and commercial areas have been constructed in the coastal areas of Istanbul and Aegean.



Today, residential and commercial construction activities continue in Istanbul Anatolian side and Ayvalık region. Our company is continuing its development by combining its past experiences with today's technology and adhering to principles of reliable and high quality business. Apart from construction, our group also has tourism and foreign trade activities.

TOURISM & FOREIGN TRADE Alakart Tourism is offering travel organizations, boutique and gastronomical tours especially to the countries located on Central Asia and Silk Road. We also supply plastic film to various packing companies in our country as Turkish representative company of Manish Packaging company in India.